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Your weekly One on One Meeting is the most effective tool to build and strengthen a relationship. Better relationships produce better results. Rivalry helps ensure every One on One Meeting occurs, is productive, and documented.

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If you run a sales organization and care about your people, you have to use Rivalry.

Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft

Rivalry helps us structure a discussion, not just with each rep – but the whole team.

Chris Flores, Inside Sales Manager at Namely

Any time you have something written down – where you can see it, you think about it a little more, which helps, opposed to just going through the week.

Paul Pelt, Senior Account Executive

One-on-ones are easier, because I am focused ahead of time on what we are going to talk about.

Kevin O'Malley, VP of Revenue Catavolt

The better relationship I have with my direct reports, the better the results.

Kris Swanson, Relus Technologies

My weekly one on one is the most important 30 minutes of the month with each team member.

Ryan Gottlieb, Sales Manager at The Aspire Group

Everyone gets busy and never really takes a step back to think about what went well or what can be improved upon next week.

Adam Lewites VP of Sales, InsightPool

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Preparation is the backbone to successful One on One Meeting. Start right by choosing the appropriate cadence and selecting questions that enable all members to feel empowered to share info and ask for help.

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Consistently having One on One meetings is crucial. Nothing says “I care about you more” than spending time with your team. Knowing what’s happening before you meet enables more time for listening and action plans.

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Follow Up

Follow up is critical. The ability to see what was previously discussed and items to be completed sets everyone up for success. It helps teams become great by knowing each week improvements are continually made.

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