Finding the perfect sales organization structure is critical to maximize the efficiency of a sales team. Companies are slowly transitioning to a more inside sales model where educating the prospect occurs online instead of expensive, time-consuming, in-person meetings. At Rivalry, we’ve created a sales organization structure chart to show how to navigate setting up a sales organization. This provides the owner of the sales team a simple visual guide to help make the right decisions in organizing a sales team. This is not a one-size-fits all sales organization structure chart, however it does give a good idea of how the most advanced sales teams have organized their sales team.

After downloading the PDF, get a better idea of the sales roles and responsibilities for the SDR’s and AE’s


Download the PDF below.

sales organization structure chart


Benefits of a Sales Organization Structure Chart

The structure of a sales organization is like laying the foundation of house; if it’s not solid and level, nothing else will work. It’s also important to note, the sales organization is constantly changing. Each new hire affects the balance of an organization and knowing the sales organization structure will help identify its current state and where it’s going. The benefits include:


- Sales Alignment: If the entire company knows the sales organization structure, everyone in the company knows who’s doing what and where to get the right information.
Predictable Hiring: Hiring becomes much more streamlined and focused when a sales team knows the structure and where it’s going.
- Specialized Teams: Specialization of tasks is clearer, making communication, goals, and deliverables all much more transparent.
- Happy CEO: Specialized teams, predictable hiring, and sales alignment make a happy CEO because clarity and insight are much more achievable.


Stay on the right track

This download is just a start. Not all of these roles are a perfect fit for every sales organization. Read more about sales roles and responsibilities on our blog.

If you’re looking to map a sales process, download our free sales process template.

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